All about Traffic Signs

Regulatory Signs

You must come to a complete stop at the sign

You must slow down as you come to the intersection

No Left Turn

No right turn

No Right Turn

No U-Turn

Traffic flows only in the direction of the arrow

Traffic in the lane must turn in the direction of the arrow

Stop, look for oncoming traffic, then proceed with caution

Speed limit

Maximum legal speed that you may drive on the road

You may not pass cars ahead of you in your lane

Median or barrier is ahead. Keep to the side indicated by the arrow

Lanes reserved for vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers.

Wait for the signal to turn green.

Parking spaces are reserved for people with disabled parking permits

Warning Signs 

Maximum safe speed for a highway exit

Speed limit is changing ahead

Traffic signals are ahead. Slowdown and be ready to stop

You may not pass cars ahead of you in your lane

Two lanes of traffic moving in the same direction

The right lane ends soon

Divided Highway Begins. Keep right

Divided Highway Ends. Keep right

Entering traffic must yield the right-of-way to

When pavement is wet,reduce your speed

Do not proceed if your vehicle is taller than the height shown on the sign

A steep grade is ahead

Deer cross the roadway in this area

A road joins from the right

A road joins from the right

The roadway you are travelingon ends ahead

Slow down. The speed limit is usually 25 MPH

Slow down. Open joints could cause a motorcyclist to lose control

The road ahead curves rightSlow down to the safe speed limit indicated.

Watch for people entering a crosswalk

Bicycles regularly cross or ride beside traffic in this area

You must bear either right or left ahead

Curves right and a side road joins from the left

Slow down and be prepared for a sharp right turn

The road ahead curves right, then left

Prepared for the road ahead to turn sharply right, then left.

The road ahead winds with a series of turns or curves

A four-way intersection is ahead

A steep slope

Look, listen, slow down and beprepared to stop for trains

Temporary Traffic Control

Traffic Control Devices Work zone, stay in your lane and maintain your speed. Don’t change lanes until you are completely clear of the work zone



Slow Moving Vehicles, travel at 25 MPH or less

Flashing Arrow Panels Work zones direct drivers to proceed into different traffic lanes and inform them that part of the road ahead is closed.

Slow down. Unusual or potentially dangerous conditions are ahead


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