Do it Yourself! – Car Scratch Repair Tips

Car Scratch Repair Tips Does your car have scratches in the paint or paint blemishes you’d like to get rid of without going through the expense and hassle of dealing with a body paint shop?

Have the scratches become more and more annoying to you ever since you first noticed them? Car paint repair is not difficult and time consuming once you get sound information and commit yourself to following a few easy-to- understand directions. Continue reading

When to Fix Car Yourself and When to Take It to the Machenic

There are some car repairs that require more skill and more knowledge than the average person has. It is important to know which ones you should do it on your own and which ones you need  mechanic’s help.

Sometimes the problems with your car are easily. It can be done with do it yourself techniques. Other problems can be more serious and require skilled car repair mechanic. You need to Continue reading