DMV Virginia Traffic Sign Test 1

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13 comments on “DMV Virginia Traffic Sign Test 1

  1. bhupendra on said:

    no comment

  2. dmvvatest on said:

    We have fixed it, thank you so much for telling us!

  3. gopal on said:

    good practice

  4. are these Questions really similar to the real test , because that manual got a lot of details that we need to know and it’s too much to remember so if any one did really past the test can answer me

  5. Vincent on said:

    i passed all

  6. ashwa on said:

    really good for practices i like it . i did it soo nice way

  7. Priyaamancha on said:

    Awesome website for practicing knowledge helped me a lot…

    I got 90% of the questions from practice tests…

    Thank u

  8. I’m so nervous! i passed this one but i don’t think i’m going to pass the real one because i get nervous a lot, well anyways GOD help me and the one who’s about take the test to.

    • dmvvatest on said:

      Oh dear!, Because of that, I fail the first question at the very first time. I was not even have chance to learn other questions! However, the second time went well because I felt less nervous. Tons of people feel the same like you, no worry!! Clam down!! Cheer up!! Good luck 🙂

  9. Teresa Berry on said:

    I pass it just one my first try.

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