Virginia Driving RecordVirginia Driving Record :As you can see, your Virginia Driving Record should be treated with a great deal of respect. It is used to determine insurance premiums, job-worthiness and more, and it is a definitive indication of the type of driver you are. Your Virginia Driving Record should be guarded. As noted earlier, it contains personal information and is meant for the eyes of authorized individuals only.
Do your best to maintain and/or improve your Virginia Driving Record by avoiding traffic violations and attending Virginia Defensive Driving or Traffic School. The accumulation of safe-driver points will help you in many ways, and the avoidance of demerits will benefit you financially.

When should You Request a Copy of your Driving Record?

There are several reasons an individual might need a copy of their Virginia Driving Record. If you are applying for a job, such as a Driving Instructor position, and a clean driving record is pertinent to your application approval, you will need quick access to a copy of your Virginia Driving Record. Perhaps you’d like to fight a ticket and a copy of your Virginia Driving Record will reveal an accumulation of safe driving, in which case you would also need quick access to your driving record. Finally, it is likely that you’ll want to obtain a copy of your Virginia Driving Record periodically to review it for errors and/or updates. No matter the reason, obtaining a copy of your Virginia Driving Record is a relatively simple process.

What Information is Contained in your Driving Record?

The Virginia DMV keeps track of both positive and negative marks you acquire behind the wheel of a car. Positive marks, called safe-driving points, are accumulated at the rate of 1-per-year for every year that a driver remains accident and violation free. Safe-driving points can also be accumulated at the rate of 5 per voluntary completion of a Virginia Defensive Driving course. On the other hand, your Virginia Driving Record might reveal demerits. Demerits are accumulated when you commit a traffic offense.

The amount of demerits you receive for a Virginia traffic offense will vary, depending of the severity of the offense. Demerits are an indication that you have been convicted of a Virginia traffic offense.Also on your Virginia Driving Record are traffic convictions of a more serious nature such as vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving and DUI’s. License revocations and suspensions are also housed on your Virginia Driving Record, as well as motor vehicle accidents, in some cases.
Finally, your Virginia Driving Record contains personal information such as your birth date, social security number and driver’s license number. For this reason, only you or authorized officials have access to it, pursuant to the Federal Drivers Protection Act of 1994. If a potential employer, for example, requires a copy of your Virginia Driving Record, you have to provide written consent in order for them to obtain it.

Where to Get Your Virginia State Driving Record

There are 3 types of Virginia Driving Record you can request. An 11 year driving will be issued if you do not specify a reason for obtaining a copy. A 7-year driving history is usually requested for employers, and a 5 year history is requested for insurance agencies.

Very simply, you contact the Virginia DMV using 1 of 3 methods:
1. Use the online form on the Virginia DMV home page
2. Request a copy in person at any of the many Virginia DMV locations
3. Request a copy in writing and mail it to:

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Attention: Vehicle (Driver) Records Work Center
P.O. Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269
When requesting a copy of your Virginia Driving Record, it is necessary to show valid proof of identification and pay the necessary fees of $8.00 per driving record plus $5.00 if your request is for a certified copy.

 How is Your Driving Record Used?

Safe-driving points can be used to offset demerits received from a traffic violation, can prove your status as a safe driver, and are an indication to insurance companies that you are a low-risk driver, which might result in lower insurance premiums. Demerits, conversely, have a negative impact on your status as a driver. Insurance companies, employers, Judges and others might deem you an unsafe or hazardous driver if you’ve accumulated too many demerits. The consequences might be seen in higher insurance premiums, dismissal from a job, or enrollment in a court ordered Virginia Defensive Driving course.

How Defensive Driving affects your Driving Record

If you voluntarily attend Virginia Defensive Driving/Traffic School, the State of Virginia recognizes your efforts to become a more aware, more safety-conscious driver and will award you up to 5 points for successful completion. Demerits can be offset by your attendance and accumulation of safe-driving points.
Finally, a traffic violation or ticket might be dismissed contingent upon your successful completion of a court-ordered Virginia Defensive Driving/Traffic School course. If the traffic violation or ticket is dismissed, your Virginia Driving Record will remain demerit-free.

 Insurance Rates and Driving Records

As mentioned earlier, safe drivers reap financial benefits! Insurance companies might reward you with lower premiums if successful completion of a Virginia Defensive Driving/Traffic School is reflected on your Virginia Driving Record. Also, remaining violation-free is a good indication to an insurance company that you are a low-risk driver, thereby resulting in discounts and lower premiums, also. It is important to remember that an insurance company does not have insure you and will likely turn you away if your Virginia Driving Record indicates behavior that is of serious concern, so driving safely and keeping your driving record untainted is the wisest decision you can make.

How much does it Cost to get a Copy of my Driving Record?

 A fee of $8.00 per Virginia Driving Record plus $5.00 if your request is for a certified copy is due at the time of the request. You can order your Virginia Driving Record online, by mail or in person at any Virginia DMV. If an employee or insurance company is obtaining a copy of your Virginia Driving Record on your behalf, it is likely that the fee will not be passed along to you.

Remember According to the Federal Driver’s Protection Act of 1994, you must show valid identification in order to receive a copy of your Virginia Driving Record because this is privileged information and is not released to unauthorized parties.


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