Virginia Drivers License In any country there are certain rules and regulations to be followed while driving motor vehicles on the road. These rules and regulations are meant for the safety of both the person driving and other players on the road. Hence, it is quite imperative for a responsible citizen to follow these rules.

As there are rules there must be a process for determining the driving ability of a person. Only persons going through this process should be deemed fit for driving. Virginia Driver’s license is the document issued by DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), Virginia which certifies that the concerned person is fit and permitted for driving in the state of Virginia. In order to be able to obtain the license the person must be above 16 years of age and must clear the process of driving test. Additionally, the driver’s license can be used as a proof of identity and residence by the holder of the license.

The Department of Motor Vehicles lies down very strict traffic laws and in order to obtain the license the candidate has to go through an extensive driving test and screening. For Virginia the test consists of four stages. First there is an online examination for testing the knowledge of traffic rules and driving etiquette of the candidate, spanning in two parts. Then there is a driving skill test to evaluate the candidate’s handling of the vehicle on the road. Then the fourth segment is the vision test where the range of candidate’s vision is determined.

The first part of the knowledge test deals with the person’s knowledge of traffic rules, road sings, vehicle Virginia Drivers Manuallaws and driving safety whereas the second part deals with your general knowledge. A score in excess of 80% is required to pass the exam. On failure to clear the examination one can go for two more trials within a span of fifteen days each.

During the road skill test the person has to go through an in-vehicle test where he/she have to demonstrate the operations to be performed with the vehicle thereafter the candidate will go for on-road driving demonstration under the supervision of an official instructor. The instructor will evaluate your driving performance and according to his feedback the applicant shall be deemed eligible for the license. The last step here is the vision test where the range of vision is determined medically and remedial measures are suggested in necessary.


Rather than being reckless the license must be treated as a privilege that comes with a lot of responsibility. Cause if a person is issued a license then it is on the person to observe the laws and rules drive with care and responsibility on the road. First of all extensive restraint from over speeding must be practiced and rash driving should be avoided in the best interest of all commuters. Also it is very important to have an in-depth knowledge of the traffic rules and the road signs. Because a single let off in observance of signs and laws can result in serious accidents on the road.


Now as we see that various types vehicles ply on the roads so it become highly imperative to classify the vehicles and issue licenses only for the suitable class of vehicle according to the persons capability of handling it. The state of Virginia issues driving licenses in the following classes- learner’s permit, driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, school bus driver’s license, motorcycle learner’s permit, motorcycle driver’s license and international driver’s license.

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